Melon Blackberry [Glory Days]

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Melon Blackberry - The Glory Days E Liquid 



When you think you need to hang out with your mod for a bit, then you should probably consider getting your hands on this e liquid. Melon Blackberry is the name of the savory blend that is going to taste amazing as soon as you allow the fruity flavors to flow into your mouth. When you begin to inhale, you are going to taste the succulent blackberries that will melt in your mouth. The berries are going to taste ripe and sweet just how you like them. The berries taste so good that you are going to be envious of the creators of this blend for having access to these berries. While they have a little tart kick, you are mostly going to salivate over the sweetness that these berries are able to bring to the table.


As you keep breathing in, you are going to start to taste the incredible melons storming in. The melons are going to be super refreshing, but you might be confused about the specific melons that were chosen to be part of this e liquid. There are several of them to choose from, but only three were allowed to make the cut into being part of this vape juice by JNGL Nation. However, because their flavors are so yummy, you might not be sure as to which ones are they. Do not think about it too much because you might not be able to appreciate everything that this e liquid has to offer. The trip is going to be so magical that you might not even realize you are actually on your way to work. The flavors get more and more potent, and when you think you have to exhale, you are going to do it slowly so that you can get the last few notes that are going to glide over your tongue and exit. You savor more of the melon notes that are going to make you want to go for another hit right away. Enjoy the lovely clouds first, and then you can take another big pull that will be delicious. 


Primary Flavors: Melon, Blackberry


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  • 1 x 60ml Bottles Of Melon Blackberry By The Glory Days E Liquid 
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