Kanger NCOCC coil (Subox Mini V2)

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Sold as individual coil.

The new Kanger NCOCC coils for the Subox Mini V2 (2019 Edition) are made with organic cotton and come in 2 versions so you can choose the appropriate one depending on the way you vape.

NCOCC Coil Features:

  • Japanese Organic Cotton wick
  • Uniform heating design
  • Avoids liquid spitting due to its design
  • Available in MTL (1.5Ω) and DL (0.8Ω) versions


Options to choose:

  • NCOCC coil in 0.8 Ohm (NiCr):

    • This coil is well suited for DL* (Direct Lung) vaping or for cloud chasers. It will produce a significant amount of vapor. We recommend to use this coil for liquids that have 6mg of nicotine or less; otherwise, you might experience a very harsh throat hit.
  • NCOCC coil in 1.5 Ohm (NiCr):

    • This coil can be used with any level of nicotine for MTL vaping. It produces a significant amount of vapor and is highly recommended for high nicotine liquids or Nicotine salts.
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