Hohm School 4 Battery Charger

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Hohm School4 Battery Charger

Based on the Hohm SCHOOL platform, but now with 2x BLD (Battery Length Detection) Systems + updated IPR (Input Power Regulator) program. There is NO NEED FOR A SCREEN…it does everything including automated amp output automation. The BLD system is built directly into charger, which enables it to automatically stop up/down the amperage charge rate dependent on cell length. Input Power Regulator integrated directly into unit…no more stressing USB power adapters or ports. 2V Activation enabled @ 0.2A (it’ll charge batteries you thought were dead forever), Solid and Pulsing LED indicators for fast/easy reading, PCB/PCM equipped li-ion batteries…NO PROBLEM.  Running identical system as its baby brother Hohm SCHOOL 2, Non ABS fire-retardant compound, Multi-Groove positive contact for optimal energy flow

Product Specifications:

Battery Capacity: 4 Batteries

Charging Current: 4A

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