Grape [TARTZ]

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The Air Factory Vape Juice name is one that achieved massive recognition throughout the vaping community and continues to be a reliable source for some of the tastiest vape juice available to the public. With a massive collection of premium grade e liquids, Air Factory continues to churn out successful blends such as their brand new Tartz series. Grape is one of two released flavors from Tartz and delivers a tart and tangy burst of sour grape candy packed into a smooth hitting vape juice formula.

On the initial inhale of Grape your taste buds will be overwhelmed by a sharp punch of tart grape notes with a light candied grape flavor underneath. From the exhaled plume of thick vape cloud rises a rich grape aroma that fills your nose while a sweeter touch of grape candy blankets your tongue. Once the remaining bits of vapor have dissipated into the air a noticeable aftertaste of tangy and sweet grape candy notes lingers in your mouth.

The Tartz flavors are produced by Air Factory using the finest USP approved ingredients and utilizes a typical formula of 70% VG and 30% PG so that every inhale delivers intense flavor followed by dense and milky clouds.

Flavors: Sour Grape Candy 

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