COILMASTER Organic Cotton

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For the builders out there that want to use only the best for their RDA’s, Coil Master Organic Cotton has you covered. This five-piece pack of pads come in a convenient resealable package and contains a thin plastic sheet between each pad to prevent them from sticking together. Made of 100% pure Organic Japanese Cotton, these pads are free from bleach, colorants, pesticides as well as other impurities and contaminates. Grown in a low-carbon environment, they are entirely devoid of chemical treatment to offer up the absolute purest taste possible. This Cotton is capable of absorbing large amounts of e-liquid so you can enjoy your favorite flavors for long periods of time. For wicking purposes with your rebuildable atomizers, you can rely on Coil Master Organic Cotton.


Coil Master Organic Cotton Features

  • 100% Japanese Organic Cotton
  • No Chamical Treatment
  • No Bleach
  • No Colorant
  • Low-Carbon Environment
  • 5 Pads per Pack
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