Apple Donut [The One]

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Apple - The One E Liquid

There's something to be said about a brand that is able to take staple, tried and true flavors that we have all had many times before and can bring a freshness and interest back into them. When most of us think about apples the hairs on our arms don't necessarily stand on end but when you try this blend in particular for yourself, you are going to find yourself going absolutely wild and wishing that you could have found it much earlier to taste this juice that is absolutely packed with such a bright, bold and impossibly natural flavor. Can you think back to those early falls back in the country where it seemed like there were trees all over the place that were littered with bright, shining apples that would glisten in the sunlight and draw you in. Whenever you choose to pull this blend out you are going to be getting a juice that is able to keep on giving you so much fresh and inspiring flavor that will get you through even the longest of days with a big smile on your face, feeling just as content and cheerful as can be. The One E Liquid makes juices that are going to charm your socks off with their flavors that will have you feeling like you have found your vaping soul mates. They just have this skillful, intuitive talent for coming up with interesting combinations that embody the very essence of all of the flavors that you love and they do it in such a way that is going to appeal to everyone that tries them. Apple is crisp, sweet, juicy flavor with a fresh donut and a hint of cinnamon that will have you refreshed and ready for action!

Primary Flavors: Apple, Donut, Cinnamon

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